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  • What is the price for WMT services and products?
    Our pricing is usually driven by the requests of our customers and highly dependant on an agreement of the value we can add to the business. We have a pricing guide that can be consulted as an estimate on our Pricing section.
  • For how long do the packages last?
    Most packages last indefinitely until they are cancelled, and we required a month's notice before cancellation. The only exception are the plans that include the development of a new site - these will have a minimum contract length of 6 months, however there will be a special break clause should you decide to terminate early.
  • How many requests or redesigns can I have?
    We have a generous policy with how many times you can ask for certain elements that can be redesigned or resubmitted in many of the features we offer. This however will vary with the plan your choose, with higher end plans allowing fore more redesigns.
  • Are there any guarantees?
    Yes. You will receive your money back if we do not met the targets that we agree on the initial contract. Your satisfaction is a key metric.
  • Can I have a free test of your services?
    We can certainly accommodate free tests and are happy to engage in a conversation on what would be the most productive way forward for your business. Even if you decide not to buy our services, we are more than happy for you to visit our blog, catered with advice for small businesses. And if you like it, why not subscribe to it so you always get the latest news?
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